Know your data. Know your business.

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Turn big data into smart decisions. Build the ultimate dashboard to rule them all.

Save Time

The quickest way to access your data – forget the time suck of having to create reports over and over again. We can automate the entire process for you in minutes.

Visualize Data

See beyond the numbers – we love finding new ways to visualize your data into meaningful results. “Ohhh pretty” might be your first reaction. “Wow, that’s interesting” should be your second.


Build to consolidate – social, email, web, contests, surveys, etc. Wherever you have data we can get at it and more importantly we can make sense of it.

Drive action

Reporting should be actionable. We give you the answers to questions that will allow you to make important decisions and improve your marketing initiatives.


Statafy's new analytics platform solves common reporting issues while helping drive real business growth.

  • Pull stats from any of your data sources (databases, social channels, google analytics, excel, etc.)
  • Build stunning reports in minutes
  • Export data in CSV or PDF
  • Schedule automated emails for report sharing
  • Drill down on your data to quickly get more details
  • Create trend and projection reports
  • View reports from the web or on your phone


Join Statafy

Do you love data? We’re looking for some data nerds to join our growing team. We got the usual perks like everyone else; snacks, flex hours, working remote, free swag, benefits, team events, etc. But more importantly we really believe in what we do. We’re here to change the way companies manage their business and providing real time data is how we plan to do it. If you’d like to be a part of that mission, we’d love to hear from you.


Not sure what to measure? Statafy turns complex numbers into insight and insight into action. Let Statafy take your digital marketing to the next level.


Mo Data, Mo Problems

Big data is not the future - it’s here now. Likes, clicks, opens, tweets, posts, visits, purchases; the metrics are endless but what really matters to your business? Statafy was created to solve this problem.

We found people were spending far too much time building out reports instead of making decisions. We were stuck looking at spreadsheets of data and creating pretty graphs and charts that looked nice but actually provided very little value. That’s why we built statafy. We’re not here to just help build reports, we’re here to answer questions about your business.

What campaign performed the best? What social post caused the most people to unlike your page? Which email drove the most online purchases? These are the type of questions we find answers to. With statafy you can eliminate the noise and get to the heart of what really matters.. We’re not just a pretty dashboard, we have brains too.

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